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Bill Nicholl knows more than a thing or two about machining ... and racing.  Both have been his life's work ... and play.

Bill would not say this, but the webmaster will (and the webmaster wrote this profile) - Bill is as honest and hard-working as the day is long.  The webmaster has known Bill for over 40 years, and you won't get better work or customer service anywhere.

Quality and customer satisfaction are not buzzwords here - They represent the characteristics of B-N Machine products.  If it isn't right, Bill will work with you and do whatever it takes to get it right and make sure you are more than satisfied with your B-N Machine product.

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Bill's "5 Ride" at Thompson Drag Raceway

Bill with a classmate (Laurie Kalan) from the Willoughby South 35th Class Reunion in August 2002.